Wellsun was founded by bright minds with a passion for sustainable innovation through pragmatic thinking. Our ambitious team and unique partnerships are fully focused on realizing impact.


Energy demand is rapidly increasing while fossil fuels are running out. Sunlight offers the perfect alternative for powering and improving buildings, allowing them to become completely self-sufficient and more comfortable to live and work in. Wellsun offers integrated solutions that facilitate the transition towards a brighter future with the help of the sun.


Wellsun strives to optimize the use of sunlight, in order to create healthy and productive workspaces and improve the energy self-sufficiency of buildings.


  • Co-Founder Ir. Stan de Ridder | CEO  +31 (0)6 55396913

    Stan is responsible for the commercial development of Wellsun. His many years of business experience with Unilever, McKinsey and The Greenery give him the right background to lead this venture.

  • Co-Founder MSc. Sam Kin | CTO  +31 (0)6 14933002

    Sam has a background in energy saving for glass covered spaces. From Sam the idea origins from which the LumiductTM has evolved. He is the founding father of the company.

Development team

Ir. Matthijs Damen, Lead Engineer
MSc. Stefan van Breukelen, Software engineer


  • Morgan Solar

    Morgan Solar developed the game-changing solar power technology that we use in our system. Together we develop the custom solar module that is used in the LumiductTM system

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  • Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf

    Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf is a construction company that is specialized in sports accommodations and swimming pools in particular. Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf is also our launching customer. They will introduce the LumiductTM in their own office building in 2017. Together with Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf we will design and realize this ambitious project.

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  • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

    Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (RUN) - We have an intensive cooperation with the solar research team of applied material science of the RUN. Our prototype is installed at their outdoor test facility. The RUN supports our developments with scientific monitoring and validation of the solar tracking and power generation.

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  • Eindhoven university of technology

    Eindhoven university of technology (TUe) - We work together with the building physics and services group of the TUe. They are specialized in computational building modelling. We work on a computational model to quantify the effects on energy savings and comfort.

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  • YES!Delft

    Wellsun is part of the YES!Delft technology incubator

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